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viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

what? i have a blog? ooops, i forgot.

Yea, so it's been a long time, because i sorta forgot about the blog. Anyway, I'm going to try to keep this one short and sweet.

The last trip Victor and I took was for Christmas/Newyears. Our plan was to go visit Lindsey and Neil's marital home in Dublin for christmas and New years, then go enjoy warmth in the Canary Islands. But, our plan was somewhat changed by the weather. We were supposed to fly from here to barcelona on Christmas eve, then change planes and go to Dublin, but there was a snow storm in Dublin and we couldnt fly out for 2 days and we were stuck in Barcelona. We were lucky for 2 reasons: 1. Barcelona is awesome and I don't mind being stuck there, 2. Victor's cousin Daniel and his wife gina live in Barcelona! So we stayed with them and we spent Christmas with them and it was a lot of fun, dare i say the best part of the trip?

We missed Christmas in Dublin, but made it there on the 26th. Lindsey was getting over a sickness and Neil was starting to get sick. So, needless to say our visit was very low key due to sickness and what not. New years was very low key, but still a lot of fun at Neil's mom Carol's house. She is a true Irish mommy, constantly trying to stuff us full of potatoes, cookies, lasagne, wine, etc. We played a 'Family Fued' type game togethere then watched the Jules Holland New Years eve show and complained about all the terrible acts he had on the show then watched fireworks.

Then Victor and I went to Fuerteventura in the canary islands. It's a bit bizarre there sort of like a little german colony. Even though it's spain, it completely inhabited by germans. After that we visited Gran Canaria and then Tenerife and enjoyed the sun and went swimming at the beach. We were pretty exhausted after that and were happy to come home. 

Now we've finished our first semester in Pontevedra and have applied to next years program. But, we only want to go if we can get into barcelona or madrid. Although Pontevedra is pretty it is very small and we gotten a little bored by now. I also miss having a variety of vegetarian foods. After our visit to Barcelona we realized that we would love to live there.

Anyhoo, there are pictures of our trip on facebook!